A World Awakens

A world aslumber

is underwhelmed by violence,

religious righteousness and silence.

Corporations rule with dollars

like dog collars worn with

unquestioned compliance.

Politicians pull the levers 

of our lives and hide their masters,

making money off disasters,

starting wars, filling streets with blood

and cries of children with no fathers,

their dreams aren’t dead but dying,

their mother’s milk still drying 

on lips whose voices blend and rise

only to be pushed aside,

ignored and marginalized.

Is this the world we’ve strived for,

that soldiers gave their lives for,

that Martin marched for,

and forefathers forged forward?


A world awakened,

supported order formed from

human compassion and listening to others.

Accountability contains conflicts,

transparency shines light 

upon the truth that binds us

and reminds us that for every action,

reaction is the norm, we’re creatures

of habit and instinct and urges,

we need nurture, we’re all in this world together

we all need purpose, to be heard

and observed, our nervous energy

diffused and focused, living examples 

of the lessons mothers and fathers taught us.

Corporations and their politicians

don’t have to fear us,

just work harder to hear us, they are us.

So stop denying the dying, help heal the sickness

help stop the crying, no more lying, just striving

together is the way forward, it’s undeniable

connection is the key, unlock the doors,

embrace the world and what we’re all here for,

not to be created but to be reborn.

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